Grease Monkey Strain

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Grease Monkey is a hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue; the couch-locking Indica strain and Cookies & Cream strains: a delicious strain developed by Exotic Genetics. According to the lab, Grease Monkey holds 16% and 30% THC.

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 25% – 27%, CBD: 1%

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Grease Monkey Strain Price

The grease monkey strain price is an Indica leading crossbreed monkey grease weed strain. The smell and taste developed via going across the timeless Gorilla Glue # 4 with the tasty Cookies & Cream strain. This powerful bud induces effective results and also a very addicting taste. Faultlessly integrating those of its moms and dad strain. With each abundant inhale comes tastes of Gelato 33 of nutty vanilla as well as pleasant skunky diesel.

The fragrance is equally like monkey grease weed tasty with a natural bite highlighted by sweet skunky diesel and also a touch of vanilla. The Grease Monkey Leafly high is a climber parent strain grown indoors. Accumulating behind the eyes prior to all of a sudden holding. You’ll all of a sudden really feel alien a bang to the head of blissful leisure that wanes you right into a frame of mind of calmness and also haze.

Grease Monkey creates strong and also thick buds of tool size that appear like common indica blossoms, as they are available in a lengthened, cone-shaped form.

Monkey grease weed

Grease Monkey Strain, monkey grease weed
Grease Monkey Strain

The buds are pale green in color, covered with dark orange pistils, and generously coated with white sticky trichomes that show up both on the inner and also outer surfaces of the flowers. Therefore, Grease Monkeys buds are tough to disintegrate by hand.

The buds of the Grease Monkey marijuana strain featured an extremely revitalizing, skunky, and also sweet fragrance with fuel-like top notes. When grinding these flowers, you may pick up on a bread-like, yeasty fragrance, alongside some velvety vanilla notes. After that, these scents become a bit of pepper and also flavor.

When smoked, Mechanic releases a smooth and also vanilla sampling smoke with refined hints of gasoline. Due to the fact that it’s really poignant marijuana stress, it’s not recommended if you’re looking for something to maintain your consumption discreet.

With monkey grease weed excellent effectiveness– determined at between 16% as well as 30% of THC usually– the hybrid includes some outstanding effects as well as advantages. Grease Monkey’s high beginnings with a heat spreading out through the whole body as well as supplying a full body and mind leisure.

Although extremely unwinding, this indica-dominant hybrid induces a raised as well as honed assumption. After that, the high turns into a much more analytical way of thinking and creative mood, giving the users thoughtful as well as trippy effects.

monkey grease weed
monkey grease weed

monkey grease strain

This result will swiftly end up being drowsy sharklato, relieving both body and mind right into a totally sedated state that’s soothing as well as relaxing. Many thanks to these impacts as well as its very high 25-27% ordinary THC degree. Also, Grease Monkey strain price is the ideal option to deal with problems such as persistent discomfort.

And cravings loss or queasiness, sleeping disorders, frustrations or migraine headaches, as well as swelling. This bud has cozy conical woodland eco-friendly nugs with sporadic orange hairs Rainbow and also a layer of little clear crystal trichomes.

Feel confident that the strain Grease Monkey strain price will not be obtaining your hands unclean. The unless you separate your bud with Gorilla your fingers. This Indica-dominant crossbreed strain was initially grown by Exotic Genetix. That went across Cookies as well as jungle Cream with GG4 vacuum sealed and shipped, your tracking number will be made available.

Monkey grease weed

Impacts have actually been 420 called developing a dream-like state strains gorilla glue. Where the mind wanders right into pleasurable fantasizing as the body experiences what we call a body buzz. Customers keep in mind that the body buzz in some cases assists relieve persistent discomfort and also queasiness.

Grease Monkey is a strain that is dominated by indica, but sometimes, it may hold 50% Indica and 50% Sativa combination. This hybrid is developed by the breeder named Exotic Genetix, who gave the cannabis world many outstanding strains such as Kimbo Kush and Starfighter.

Others discuss just how it triggered them to really feel drowsy or starving. And also entertainment customers have a tendency to appreciate utilizing it after a difficult day or occasion to relax.

The fragrance, as well as the preference of Grease Monkey strain price, resemble diesel. As well as a skunk with feasible touches of Duct Tape of the wonderful planet and also vanilla that have actually been called extremely delicious.

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2 reviews for Grease Monkey Strain

  1. Hope S. Sanchez

    Slight lemony flavor with a nice mellow finish.

  2. Sharon C. Tice

    hits the spot. reminds me of lite hash ca. 1978 which a friend described “as more like valium then pot.” well, not quite, but GL6 has a very simple pleasant effect. doesn’t overwhelm.

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