Chewbacca OG Marijuana Strain


This strain will deliver bouts of euphoria and calmness to the mind while letting your body sink with relaxation into the couch. It can also treat those dealing with chronic pain and poor appetite.

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Chewbacca Weed strain

Features of Chewbacca strain Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica/ 30% Sativa THC: 20%. Chewbacca OG strain Leafly additionally referred to as “Chewbacca Kush” or “Chewy’s OG,” is an unusual Indica dominant crossbreed strain created through crossing The Force with an additional unidentified crossbreed strain. Called for the notorious Wookie from the Celebrity Wars cosmos, Chewbacca OG strain Leafly loads a hardcore high that comes on fast and leaves you stoned for hrs on end with no mercy.

You’ll feel a heavy lift at the start of Chewbacca weed strain, filling your mind with a feeling of tingly joy and also causing you to end up being unfocused and from it, however totally satisfied about it. As your mind clears up into deep space, your body will certainly begin to go down right into a heavy sofa lock, leaving you completely stoned and pretty sedated.

Promptly you’ll start to fade away Chewbacca weed strain, ending your trip in a long as well as tranquil sleep. In mix with its super potent THC level that bottoms out at 20%, these results provide Chewbacca OG strain Leafly an edge in treating conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, swelling, depression, as well as persistent tension. This bud has an incredibly dank and also zesty gas taste with a touch of sweet citrus.

Effects Chewbacca weed strain

Medical marijuana patients can benefit from this cannabis and get relief from the below conditions:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Hypertension
  • Pain
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Fatigue

Though the Chewbacca strain features only 10% Indica genes, it may induce slight sedation and relaxation. So, it is recommended for afternoon use. The consumption of this weed may come with potential side effects, which include dry eyes, drowsiness, and insomnia.

The aroma is of sharp poignant fuel with a light citrus tone to it that becomes spicier as well as danker the lot more you take. Chewbacca OG buds have heart-shaped forest green nugs with dark orange hairs and also a dirty covering of small brownish-yellow crystal trichomes.

Stress Odor and Preference

This weed includes several aromas. When buds are damaged, they emanate amazing grapefruit, plum, and also grape scents, which are characteristic of the limonene and also geraniol terpenes. On closer inspection, one-up mushrooms you can likewise discern climbed and yearn aromas, which are common for ocimene. The terpene profile of this marijuana kind likewise includes pinene.

Chewbacca weed strain Makes Use Of and also Impacts
The impacts of this marijuana start with an energized boost that mixes with an uplifted state of mind as well as a burst of creativity. Most customers appreciate raised focus as well as focus. Some cigarette smokers experience light tingly feelings.

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