how much weed can you legally mail?

how much weed can you legally mail?

What You Required To Learn About Shipping Marijuana In Canada
Learn as well as comprehend the regulations on shipping entertainment cannabis

Canada legislated the use of leisure cannabis in October 2018, but delivery suppliers have had a longer time period to get ready for the delivery of marijuana. The road to cannabis legalization drew back in 2001 when Canada permitted mail-ordered medical cannabis. This was a solution that called for rigorous handling laws throughout the supply chain. Currently, logistics carriers can make use of a number of those shipping policies to abide by the additional shipments contributed by The Cannabis Act.1 Fast forward to 2019, Health Canada has added cannabis essences, cannabis topicals, as well as edible cannabis to The Marijuana Act– bringing a demand for more policies to be executed.

The legalization of marijuana has actually triggered a selection of concerns for Canadian companies and clients alike. Abrar Suri, Strategic Account Manager at Purolator, breaks down these brand-new guidelines to answer your inquiries on exactly how to comply with The Cannabis Act.

To start with, what should you know about mailing marijuana?
Wellness Canada has put strict regulations in place for the shipment of cannabis to ensure its safety en route. As a business, client or simply as a Canadian, by notifying yourself of these laws, you’ll secure your own hassle-free process.

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