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The most important aspect is, zookies cookies strain is nutty with hints of wonderful cookies taste account. Exhale contains tips of chocolate and ache. Others report some sticking around pepper and also diesel with back notes of richness.

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Zookies cookies strain

First of all, Zookies OG strain balanced hybrid strain 50 indica/50 Sativa is the best marijuana strain. Initially reproduced by Alien Lab’s original glue, is a strain on its heritage in mind. Animal Cookies and also Gorilla Glue # 4 are its parent strains, creating a zookies cookies strain of an experience in its diversity.

It’s crossing the classic animal cookies x gorilla glue 4 strains to 50/50 crossbreed, purple zookies strain review suggesting it has the possibility to generate both Sativa and indica impacts ranging from power.

As well as zookies bud is the motivation for physical leisure as well as sedation according to testimonials from its customers.

It bears a special fragrance as well as flavor profile, being of wonderful nutty cookies with tips of delicious chocolate or coffee, and a bit of pepper. And also zookies cookies strain has some diesel in there that it obtains from its Gorilla Glue # 4 moms and dad. When you first check out Zookie nugs hints of chocolate. You’ll see they’re thick with lavender shades amid deep greens as well as sienna-colored pistils.

Every one of these strains is a great layer of trichomes. And also their zookies buds strain are simple to break apart.

zookies strain, zookies cookies strain
zookies strain

THC levels can get to close to 30%, so watch this purple zookies bud strain’s percentage before trying it. Some that have actually tried this strain have said they like it for its capacity to reduce pain throughout the body. Be it in the joints or the muscle mass. Reviewers have actually used this alien cookies strain to combat depression as well as tiredness.

Making it a strain that can potentially increase power for some consumers. Some females have actually also used Zookies OG strain to help soothe menstruation aches.

Gorilla Glue # 4 is a cross in between the hybrid Sour Dubb. The Sativa Chem Sis, and Sativa Chocolate Diesel.


Secondly, Zookies OG strain is a uniformly well-balanced crossbreed [50% indica/ 50% sativa] cannabis pressure with a THC level of 23-25 percent as well as sometimes as high as 30 with CBD content of less than 1 percent. THC CBD proportion could be as long as 100:1 if the plant’s CBD content is 0.2% or less 50/50 hybrid.

This zookies cookies strain is most famous for the GMO-heavy high. And also long-term impacts coming from its famous parent’s initial glue and cookies strains.

balanced hybrid pressure
50/50 crossbreed
23-25 THC degrees
CBD material much less after that 2%.


The lineage is stated to be a cross between Animal Cookies as well as Gorilla Glue # 4 marijuana birthday cake strain bred by Alien Labs as well as the Cookie family.

animal cookies x gorilla adhesive # 4strain.
The nugs are olive environment-friendly as well as every animal other shade of purple and also yellows with orange hairs that bind together with a thick layer of milky white crystal trichomes. Densely packed nugs are medium berry white strain in dimension packaging a punch of fantastic flavors as well as scents.


The smell of purple zookies weed strain mixes diesel as well as tropical fruit aromas mixed with peppery scent. Similar to a flower nutmeg combined dirty taxi weed strain with want and also turf on exhale. Top 10 Highest CBD Cannabis Strains of 2021.






Lifts away from physical Animal Crackers Strain while helping to generate feelings of happiness body high. As well as long-term impacts of pure leisure with stimulating bliss chronic pain. The beginning energizes comply with by a psychological high with extreme cerebral thinking and fits of giggles. Amplifies a sense of imagination and emphasis while escalating assumptions without a sofa lock. Dry eyes and also completely duct dry mouth are unfavorable adverse effects so some eye goes down and also consumes alcohol ready.


In conclusion, Zookies OG strain medical marijuana is reported to supply short-term remedies for stress and anxiety problems. As well as apple fritter weed strain moderate kinds of anxiety as well as menstruation aches. Recognized to alleviate muscle spasms as well as chronic discomfort. These are ideas as well as are not intended as expert clinical suggestions.

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1 review for Zookies Strain

  1. Peggy J. Lineberry

    One of my most favorite strains no matter how high it tests, Always helps with pain and appetite and nausea!! LOVE IT always a must buy! esp. from Takoma Wellness in DC

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