Ghost Disposable Vape


Ghost XL disposable vape is user-friendly and comes ready to use. You do not need to press any buttons, set up pods, or top up the e-liquid. A sensor will activate the battery to generate heat. The heat then converts the e-liquid into vapour, which you inhale.

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1000mg THC D9 Disposables

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Ghost Disposable Vape

Buy ghost vape. Therefore, Satisfy that cannabis craving with Ghost’s Delta 8 Disposable! Also, ghost disposable thc vape pen, is Available in NUMEROUS strains for you to get EXACTLY the feeling you’re looking for! Plus, their ghost vapes disposable ™ Technology has allowed them to extract a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids that empower the user to better choose only their desired effects!

Snag a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid Ghost Delta 8 Disposable vape today!

Ghost disposable vape pens pack a full gram of High-quality cannabis extract into a discrete pen
that is ready to go wherever you’re going.

vaping weed effects on lungs ? 2020 New Study ghost dispo !!! Lighten the body and free the spirit with Ghost Hemp Delta-8 THC Disposable Vapes!

1ml disposable cartridge. 870mg of Delta-8 THC

Strain Effects of Ghost Disposable Vape

  • Do Si Do (Indica) – Feelings: relaxed, euphoric, sleepy. Helps with: anxiety, insomnia, stress
  • Gelato (Indica) – Feelings: relaxed, happy, euphoric. Helps with: stress, anxiety, depression
  • Grape Ape (Indica) – Feelings: relaxed Ruby Disposable Carts, happy, sleepy. Helps with: pain, stress, anxiety
  • Ghost Cookies (Hybrid) – Feelings: relaxed Kic Carts, happy, euphoric. Helps with: stress, pain, depression
  • Pineapple Express (Sativa) – Feelings: happy, uplifted, energetic. Helps with: stress, anxiety, depression
  • Runtz (Hybrid) – Feelings: happy, relaxed Eureka Vape Cartridge, talkative. Helps with: anxiety, stress, depression
  • Skunk OG (Hybrid) – Feelings: happy, relaxed, aroused. Helps with: stress, pain, depression
  • Tangie (Sativa) – Feelings: happy, uplifted, energetic Nerds Rope Edible. Helps with: stress, anxiety, depression

The potent ghost disposable thc vape pen comes with a fully-charged 550mAh battery, intended for one-time use only. Therefore, it should not be recharged. Once the battery runs out, you should discard the vape device safely. Do not try to open it.

How do you know when your Ghost XL Disposable Vape is empty?

If you notice the following from Ghost XL disposable vape Stiiizy Live Resin. Then you should know that all the e-liquid is used up:

  • the vapour tastes burnt or charred;
  • the vape produces thin and tasteless clouds;
  • the battery turns on, the device gets hot, but no vapour is produced

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1 @ 20 each, 10+ @ $19 each, 50+ @ $18 each, 100+ @ $17 each, 200+ @ $16.5 each


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