Animal Crackers Strain
Animal crackers strain Animal Cookies, likewise called” Animal Crackers weed,” is a crossbreed cannabis strain made by going across 2 fabulous strain, GSC and also Fire OG.

This clone-only strain blossoms in 9-10 weeks and also expands thick, chilly animal cracker marijuana environment-friendly buds tipped with purple. Is pet biscuit sativa or Indica? Animal Cookies, a.k.a., Animal Crackers weed, is a greatly Indica-dominant crossbreed.

Among its moms and dads is the epic Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain. As well as the various other is Fire OG body high Indica dominant hybrid. BC Bud Depot has actually been handled to preserve GCS’s particular cookie taste and also extremely powerful THC material.

Are Animal Cookies leading rack?

Animal Cookies is made in Washington by Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ leading rack brand name, Private Reserve.

NWCS absolutely goes above and beyond within their Private Reserve brand name to generate leading rack blossom from smaller-sized returns. Medical condition Chosen for its originality, animal crackers weed strength & chronic pain.

As well as top-quality animal crackers weed strain, Private Reserve has actually done this cultivar right.

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    • Animal Crackers Strain Quick View
    • Animal Crackers Strain

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    • It can additionally minimize neuropathic pain, such as peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, as well as roof shingles caused by the chickenpox virus. Animal Cookies is massively potent at 27 percent THC which is one of the highest in all of marijuana. You can expect to fall right asleep as this strain will have quite a sedative effect. We ship EVERYWHERE to…
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